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Friday 3rd December 2021

It has been reported that more that 50% of the employees works mildly dehydrate.
This can affect their health and productivity when they are sweating heavily.

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is a common issue faced while working for too long, losing fluids and nutrients faster than they can be replenished.

This leads to an improper balance of the key components that your body needs to function effectively – this is not limiting to just water that makes to dehydrated but also to minerals and essential salts too.

About 75% (three-quarters) of your body is water. Your bones are 22% water and your blood is nearly all (92%) water.
Clearly it holds a very important requirement for our body in order to perform natural bodily process and any imbalance can reduce the efficiency of our bodies.

However, Human Body is unable to produce water on itself, therefore it is very important to Stay Hydrated and give your body the essential minerals and salts that it needs.

Reasons why we get Dehydrated…

One of the biggest reasons of getting dehydrated is Sweating on a hot & sunny day. The body tend to lose fluids a lot faster. However, this is not the only reason why dehydrations occur, there are various other factors that can lead to Dehydration:

For example:

·        Urinating leads to losing body fluids if you’re not drinking plenty to make up for it.

·        Breathing can sometime lead to dry mouth due to lack of body fluids.

·        If you’re unwell and vomiting or have Diarrhea, they there are chances of being dehydrated.

Signs that you're Dehydrated

Some of the symptoms of Dehydration can be visible in the early stages while others may not be visible until later:

Feeling thirsty
Muscle cramps
Urinating less often than normal
Dark-colored urine
Dry skin
Feeling tired or lethargic
Dry, shriveled skin

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