SureStock360 - Stock Control System

3S Safety offer consignment stock though our innovative onsite stock control system SureStock360. We work with you to understand the direct monthly requirements for each site. We then propose a core range of products which are fast moving and critical to the day-to-day operations. We deliver this stock to each location which is available to be drawn off as required.

This stock is not invoiced and remains the property of 3S Safety until issued to the employee at which time customer orders the exact same product to replenish the stocks and the goods are charged for what has been issued.

Key benefits of the 3S SureStock360 program:

• Reduction is admin time, less paperwork, Pay only for what you use

• Guaranteed stock on hand when you need it 24/7 360 days – No down time

• No upfront expenses

• Flexible stock levels – We review and optimise your stock to ensure you have what you need.

• Include items with your logo

• 3S safety help manage stock through our inventory management systems.

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