Safety Boot Buying Guide

Friday 29th April 2022

In New Zealand, We are aware of the importance of wearing PPE that includes safety clothing and Safety Boots which is governed by the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Different industry jobs required different type of safety footwear, when buying safety Footwear, you should always start by checking the safety standards and regulations for the specific job that you will be doing so they are fit for purpose.

Every industry jobs whether it is construction, tradesman, factories or warehouses and even health care, they all required a proper safety work boots.

Types of Safety Footwear and their suitability


Gumboots are the most common type of safety boot and have a great range of applications. These are made of High-density Rubber which makes it suitable for harsh environmental settings. They have a good moisture resistant tendency.

The application of gumboots ranges from farming to construction and healthcare. They are also used in various chemical plants or at sites with electrical hazards,

Gumboots with added features like Slip resistant soles and steel toe caps makes it more robust and durable.

Lace-up safety boots

Lace-up safety boots have more of a versatile fit.  With laces it makes it a lot easier for the person wearing to be able to adjust as needed. It is better suited for wearer you wear it for long at a stretch.
However, due to the gaps between laces, there is potential of water penetration, hence they might not be suitable to some profession.

They offer a good support to the ankle over a long period because of the different lacing arrangement which allows room for adjustability.

Some people prefer the convenience of slip-on boots as they are easy to wear on and off, especially for profession like carpenters who needs to go back and forth from cleaner area or work area.

Slip-On Boots

Slip-On Boots have an edge over the other boots in terms of convenience. They are very easy to put on and off. Tying laces repeatedly adds time to the project on hand.
They are water resistant as they are made in a single piece, so the penetration of water is minimal or nothing.

While they offer flexibility to the wearer in terms of taking them on and off, they are weak in terms of offering support to the ankle. When worn for long hours in day, it can have its affects on your feet and legs.

They fit well if they are the right size, they do loosen up a little in first couple of weeks so, its good to try and walk around before purchasing them.

Zip-Side Lace Up Boot

These are the combination of Lace-Up boot with a Slip-On boot but with a Zip.

Zip-Side offers the best of both Lace-up and Slip-On i.e. a good support to the ankle of a lace-up boot 
and convenience of taking them on & off using the Zip.
A lot of people now prefer Zip-side due to its usability, comfort, support and convenience.

Steel Toe or Composite Toe Caps

As the name suggests, the steel toe are made of steel where as the composite toe is made with composition of carbon fiber & plastic.
They have their own set of suitability based on the demands of the job requirements and environment.

Composite toes are lighter than steel toes but they are also thicker than either steel or aluminum, and therefore look bulkier. Composites do not transfer either heat or cold. Being non-metallic, they are a good choice for workers who have to pass through metal detectors often or who have to work in a metal-free environment.

3S Safety Protective Footwear Range

We offer a complete range of safety work boots designed for New Zealand trades, industry, and farms. All our safety boots are AS/NZS certified
Our Safety footwear range consist of gumboots, lace-up, slip-on and zip-side boots that protect your feet along with being stylish & comfortable to wear for long hours.

From Brands including Magnum, Oliver, Blundstone or V12, we do have a wide range available on our website under Footwear category.

To enquire about our safety footwear just call 0800 102 996.

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