Corporate Responsibility

Supporting our Team

Our team is central to everything we do. At 3S safety we treat our team like our family… after all our energetic team is the beating heart of our organisation and the key to our success. We promote a culture of transparency, diversity, support and empower our employees to think, act and feel like owners rather than just employees. We truly believe that business must be enjoyable, and our team should love coming to work each day.

Our mission, vision and values are the fundamental principles we live by and form the basis for everything we do.

We invest in our employees with quality training, provide open support and team building exercises to ensure we have a cohesive team spirit that allows us to perform at our best.

Because we are a family, we encourage our employees to take the time to deal with personal and family emergencies and issues in a timely manner without penalty.

Regular training and personal development courses are provided to ensure that our team are fulfilling their potential and working to best practices. Where possible we also seek to promote internally in the first instance and promote career development opportunities as they arise.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our aim is to attract, keep and promote the most qualified person for the job – regardless of race, religion, gender, age, or education. We strive to make our workplace inclusive, supportive, and free of discrimination or harassment. When recruiting, we identify the best candidate for the job and have systems in place to further that candidate’s knowledge. This enables our people to achieve the best outcomes, and those results are rewarded and recognized based on individual results and performance.

Ethical Sourcing & Fair Trading

As part of our commitment and strong code of Ethics, we are against all forms of unsafe, unfair and unethical employment. Wherever possible we partner with suppliers who share to endorse the same principals as our own to support respected and trusted Internationally and locally recognised suppliers and where possible support local businesses.

Insist and ensure fair standards of employment are adhered to. Where it is necessary to source offshore, we benchmark our suppliers against internally accredited standards according to ISO9001 and 14001 and all environmental standards must be adhered to and certification provided.

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