Sustainability is something we take very seriously. As key supply partners to some of NZ’s largest organisations, we believe the importance of creating a better world is a journey and a way of life we must embrace. We have invested with Enviro-Mark® (trading as Toitū Envirocare) to ensure we are taking all reasonable and posible steps to reduce our impact on the environment. Our business practices are completely transparent and each year we review, measure, and reflect on our impact our operations have had and assess where and how we can make improvements.

Since starting our sustainability initiative, we have developed our own Environmental Management System (EMS) designed to control documentation and help us to achieve our sustainability objectives and targets, while encouraging and inspiring us to continually improve our sustainability efforts.

This begins with 3S Safety Ltd, acknowledging that our business sells products that are made using fossil fuels, they are built and stored in factories using electricity and emitting carbon into the atmosphere. We despatch our products around New Zealand using boxes and bags. We drive cars and travel. Knowing we are part of the problem guides us to focus on those areas of the business where we can reduce, neutralise, or eliminate our direct impact on climate change.

Our EMS is a step by step approach that begins with our Environmental policy. This policy provides the basis for setting targets and objectives against which we collect data to then analyse and measure our performance. We then evaluate this performance against our objectives and then take action to reduce any negative environmental or social impacts resulting from our own operations, products, or services.

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Our Directors, Management and key stakeholders attend regular meetings to review and refine our performance. We are audited annually by external consultants. This is to ensure we are delivering on our commitment Environmental Sustainability and guide on a journey to a greener, more sustainable future.

Key Initiatives

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