PG Ligana Remo-Tec Before Work cream 250ML

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This cream has to be applied before work and protects the skin from harsh chemicals, irritants and sensitizers, which is an important step for maintaining skin integrity.

Key Features

  • Improves the grip on tools or work materials
  • Facilitates the cleaning of the skin when exposed to stubborn soils
  • Prevents the adhesion of dirt particles
  • Skin Compatible
  • No messy fingerprints
  • Silicone free


13402011 – 2000mL Dispenser Softbottle

13402013- 250mL Tube

LIGANA® REMO-tec is a before work cream formulated to prevent the adhesion of stubborn soils or oil-based substances, facilitating easy clean up for breaks, lunch or at the end of the work day. Supports the natural function of the skin when working with oil based work substances. Silicone and lipid-free with neutral fragrance. Helps protect the skin from harmful effects of adhesives, paint, metallic dust & carbon black.