PG Ligana Multi-Tec Uni Protect Lotion BW 250ML

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This lotion has to be applied before work and protects the skin from harsh chemicals, irritants and sensitizers, which is an important step for maintaining skin integrity.

Key Features:

  • Supports the natural regeneration of the skin
  • Strengthens the upper layers of the skin exposed to stubborn soils
  • Reduces skin irritation during work
  • Skin Compatible
  • Oil-in-water emulsion
  • Silicone free


13042026 – 2000mL Dispenser Softbottle

13042027- 250mL Tube

LIGANA® MULTI-tec is a before work lotion to help keep skin healthy when working with water-based or oil-based substances. Excellent for use under protective clothing, rubber gloves (non latex) or PVC gloves. Perfect for worker working with a variety of hazards including cleaning agents, cooling lubricants & organic solvents.