Hard Hat – Short Peak – Ratchet

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5010SV-B.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Blue, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-FG.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Fl.Green, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-FO.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Fl.Orange, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-FP.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Fl. Pink, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-FY.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Fl.Yellow, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-G.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Green, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-R.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Red, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-W.R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, White, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
5010SV-Y-R Hardhat-Short Peak, Vented, Yellow, Ratchet
$59.00 +GST
Hard Hat – Short Peak – Ratchet

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Hard Hat – Short Peak – Ratchet

EN 397, ANSI Z89.1:2009 Type I class E, G (20,000V electrical insulation) Low temperature (-30 degrees)

  • Non-vented for best electrical insulation rating  (USA) to Class E, 20,000 volts. 
  • Robust ABS shell and 6 point webbing suspension system. 
  • Simple wheel adjustment to fit most workers. 
  • Nylon chin strap and buckle. 
  • Slots for mounting cap attach hearing protectors. 
  • Certified to: AS/NZS 1801:1997 standards for impact and penetration.

Colours available:

  • White
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Fluro Orange, Yellow & Pink

ACCESSORIES fitting to Apex Flash: Leightning / Peltor / Peltor X Series Ear Muffs & A, B, C, E, K, L, M, N

Dimensions 52 - 64cm
Weight 510gm

Notes about Standards ANSI Z89.1:2009 Type 1 Class E (Electrical) Helmets;  designed to reduce exposure to high voltage conductors, and offer dielectric protection up to 20,000 volts (phase to ground). This amount of voltage protection, however, is designated to the head only, and is not an indication of voltage protection allocated to the user as a whole. The Apex Flash helmet is used by utility workers who are commonly exposed to high voltage environments on a daily basis. Class E hard hats may also be considered to have a Class G (General) rating, as their increased level of voltage protection surpasses the (lower) required standards of the Glass G testing procedure.